KW Craft Breweries

In Under 5 years we’ve had an explosion of Craft Breweries opening or intending to open up here in KW and a little Further a field. Here a list of Breweries in the area:

Block 3 Brewing


Located in the Mennonite land of St. Jacobs. Block 3 was the first modern Craft Brewery to open in the area. Mainly focus one offs with a few seasonals and the King Street Saison flagship.




Waterloo’s Craft Brewery. Focuses on Hop forward flag ship beers Fling, Bystander & Conscience. If Hoppy beers aren’t your thing there are always a great selection of easy drinking beers.

————————————————————————————–Coming Soon




Looking to open in the Township of Wellesley Descendants have been on the radar for a while now. Their Flag Ship is Harbinger an American Pale Ale.


Elora Brewing Co.


Opening Spring 2015 (Hopefully) Elora Brew Co. Is looking to bring a community together with their new Brewery. I wrote an article on what to expect which can be found here.


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