Defining Craft Beer, the key to getting Craft Beer into Farmers Markets?

Is getting Craft Beer into farmers Markets as easy as just putting a definition on what Craft Beer is?


According to Barge Craft Beer Co. It could be by rehashing the same legislation used for Ontario Wine Makers.

Getting craft beer into farmers’ markets requires only 1 clause in a Regulation under the Liquor Licence Act.

And the proposed craft beer clause is basically a copy and paste of the VQA wine clause.

How would you define “craft beer” in the proposed clause?

Please see the proposed clause by clicking the link below:

Hassell Trial Counsel How to get Craft Beer into Farmers Markets

Just be careful that the Government doesn’t give Ontario craft beer at farmers’ markets instead of competition in the beer industry.  Competition makes things better.

How would you Define Craft Beer, is it even possible? It’s always been a grey area in the industry. What are your requirements for a beer to be truly Craft?


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One comment

  1. Cory

    Random question why can I go to the Junction Flea and walk around and drink a beer but I can’t at a Farmers Market?

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