Recently there’s been lot’s of talk about ending “The Beer Store” monopoly here in Ontario. With suspect deals being uncovered and exposed, many voices have called for an end to this out-dated system.

I haven’t been to a Beer Store in a least six months choosing instead to spend my money in the LCBO or more regularly in local breweries. It seems that many people have been doing the same because today the Beer Store announced a new deal opening up “ownership” to all Ontario Brewers.

It’s hard to say what motivates this change: does the Beer Store genuinely want to help out Ontario brewers, or is it the fact that macro beer sales in general in North America are dwindling play an important part? It seems like a decent deal for a micro-brewery as sign up cost to become an owner is only $100.

I have managed to obtain copies of the flyers and welcome letters that detail what the exact deal is and are included below:

Backgrounder: January 7, 2015
Brewer Welcome Letter: January 7. 2015

What do you think about the new deal? Is it step in the right direction or do we need more competition in Ontario?

Let us know your thoughts.


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