Original Hopsters Weekly Round-up (Turned into the Beer Store Show)

So What’s been happening this week in the World of Craft Beer? Firstly let’s take a look at this Shenanigans (great word) regarding Ontario Politics and the Beer Store. Conservative Tony Hudak makes the Beer Store monopoly one of his main campaign issues UNTIL a suspect hiring by backers of the Beer Store, The Canadian Brewers Association, snuffs that issue out like the Leafs play-off chances . A cynical man might think this was some sort of back scratching……. Check the article out here: Beer Store BS HOWEVER…………….. Just when you think the Beer Store can’t get any more characteristics of a Saturday Morning Cartoon Villain they go and do something that might make you almost think they aren’t all bad (almost). In case you missed it Left Field Brewing were told by AGCO they would not be able to take their Beer to showcase at festivals as basically they are Contract Brewers and don’t have their own facility yet (Original Article). This was obviously an absolute nonsense as Left Fields Beer is already certified to be sold to establishments so the future looked bleak for Left Field (and all Contract Brewers) as Festivals are the main way they get the name out for their Brand and for me to spill beer on their table, sorry again Mandie. Left Field did what they could which was appealing on social media for people to raise concerns about this out of date legislation being enforced with obligatory sad faces. Then the strangest s**t happened the Beer Store came to the rescue! They backed the contract brewers working with them to get around the archaic rule by coming up with this solution. I’ll be honest I was terrified, the Beer Store being the good guys was freaking me the frig out………….. BUT THEN…………….. Another interesting Beer Store story pops up this time involving Flying Monkeys & Kensington. Again it looks like the Beer Store are coming to the rescue of some Craft Brewers that are fed up with the lack of shelf space the LCBO afford (another topic for another day) so have decided to trial their Beer in the Beer Store. Go Beer Store right? WRONG or at least let’s see how it goes, there were some pretty phenomenal numbers being thrown around for them to display their Beer on Beer Stores shelves.  Here is the article I read but this quote is the most important bit in my opinion:

“It costs us approximately $30,000 to put this beer in 100 stores,” Andrea Chiodo tells me of El Toro Bravo. “There is an initial $3000 TBS listing fee plus an additional $250 per store (so 100 stores would cost $25,000). In addition, there is an addition $1 per bottle service fee charged upon sale for processing and shelving the beer.” With this test case, she tells me, Flying Monkeys will consider it a success if they break even.

Then to stir the waters even more it turns out most of the numbers quoted above were complete Bollocks! The Canadian Brewers Association (Who appointed Tony Hudaks friend, we’ve gone full circle it’s gone True Detective in here!) responded with the actual figures. So who knows who is telling the Truth and what the Beer Stores end game is? It’s an interesting time for Craft Beer trying to pitch their Beer against the Beer Store who are always looking to Score that Home Run to more profits. (Baseball Puns cos Left Field are………oh forget it) I started out to write about Craft Beer but the Beer Store stories kind of dominated, I guess I’ll just have to write some more soon.   Original Hopster


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